Echoes of Elegance: 
Mystikum's 1920s Revival

With a nod to its pedigreed heritage, Mystikum embodies the heady glamour of the roaring 1920’s. Once renowned as “Europe’s Premiere Parfum” as it swept Berlin, Paris and New York by storm. 

Art Deco-Inspired Perfume Flacon

Paying homage to the perfume’s ancestral namesake, Art Deco lines carve the bottle’s distinctive form, evoking an elegant flacon of a lost era.

By elevating the original form with a range of evocative jewel tones, while exalting in modern refinements and sophisticated packaging, today Mystikum conjures its enduring magic for a new generation. 

Sensual Alchemy: 
The Essence of Mystikum

Every fragrance in the collection evokes a distinctly sensual world of enchantment. Developed by the most renowned perfumers of our time, the Mystikum creations transport the wearer to another plane of time and place. Whether with arcane notes of ancient oud or pearly hints of jasmine plucked just before dawn, each scent weaves an irresistible spell; imbuing the wearer with an aura of sublime seduction. 

enveloped in the bewitching elixirs of mystikum, Allure becomes your ally in the subtle art of enchantment.

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